About the Blog….

26 year old who is grateful that I have found a job/hobby that I enjoy so much when I know so many of my generational peers are underutilised, underappreciated, unemployed or underpaid.

I am going to use this blog as a journal to catalogue my attempts at analysis and commentary on the global economy and individual investment ideas. Ultimately, as an investor of my own and other people’s money, my job is to make the best possible decisions under a state of uncertainty. In my opinion, the best way to reduce that uncertainty is through a relentless appetite for reading/information and by sharing ideas/debate with other participants who agree or disagree. Paramount to all decisions is a “Margin of Safety” that will protect me from substantial loss in the event that my analysis is somehow proved erroneous.

I work for a large Wealth Manager in the UK currently, the views expressed on this blog are entirely my own and do not reflect the views of my employer. None of the posts or comments here are intended as investment advice and should be considered only as my unique view which may or may not be correct.

I am a member at SumZero, a contributor to GuruFocus.com and a syndicated blogger to ValueWalk.com.

I welcome all feedback…

9 thoughts on “About the Blog….”

  1. Hi,
    I have read through your posts… very well written… great analysis, very clear and constructive thoughts…
    Best of luck!

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  3. Enjoying the blog. Well thought out posts, it is much appreciated. Regarding JZ Capital, any notions as to how a US investor can get involved? Having some trouble finding the terms of the zero div pref shares, which is a different trade. Do you know where one can find the terms? Thanks

  4. Read the TESCO analysis , great piece of work .
    You are clearly talented and committed , I will follow your blog . Thank you

  5. Really nice analysis and good work. Thanks

  6. Excellent web site and postings. If you have the time and not already done so, would recommend: Long & Short of it John Kay, Investing Against the Tide A.Bolton, Your valuation calculations very useful and more straight forward than Damodaran ! All the best and thanks…

  7. shaun noll, cfa said:

    great blog! you’re a talented analyst and very much looking forward to some good posts and comments. thanks!

  8. Hi Kelpie. Good stuff here. Is there any way I can contact you through e-mail? Let me know.

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