To those who have been wondering what has happened to the blog over the last few months,  and remarkably there have actually been a few emails of concern, I thought I owed you all an explanation.

I am soon to start work at a new firm and due to my desire to maximise this opportunity I fear I will no longer be able to devote as much time to writing. I will still post occasionally if I have something that I believe is particularly worth saying however the frequency may drop to a quarterly comment on the portfolio/macro and maybe the odd stock idea if I have one.

Personal Dealing rules at my new employer also mean that I will have to trade substantially less and therefore I will be outsourcing much of my portfolio to fund managers and maintaining a few key long term holdings.  I have attached my remodelled portfolio below.

I will of course be staying on top of developments at the individual companies and therefore am more than happy to discuss with any interested parties.